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About Lakeshore Dental Associates

Two Convenient Locations

Lakeshore Dental Associates has two locations to choose from – one in Rogers Park and one in Glenview. In 1986, Dr. Sawyer began as an associate at his main location in Rogers Park. He purchased the practice one year later and still today spends most of his time at this location. In 1994 he opened the Glenview practice, offering a second location in a well-established professional building with other healthcare and dentistry practices.

Why We Develop Long Term Relationships

“My primary goal for new patients is that they would experience such great service and dentistry that it makes them want to become long term patients, to refer their friends and family, and to think of us for all their needs.” Consistency in care is important – and that’s why we want our patients to choose us for their long term dental care. Consistency will ensure the best dental health possible for you.

main waiting at Lakeshore Dental Associates in ChicagoBouncing around from dentist to dentist, could mean a missed opportunity to catch an issue early enough to avoid serious complications. “Most importantly, when we get to know each other I can give better treatment,” says Dr. Sawyer. Lifelong comprehensive care with a doctor who knows you and your history is the best approach to dental health. Here at Lakeshore Dental, we hope you will be so impressed with your care, that you will remain a loyal patient.

Dentistry That Makes You Feel Special

When patients return to us and refer their family and friends we feel that we have done our job right. Our goal is to provide a warm and friendly atmosphere for all patients and ensure that they are completely satisfied with the treatment they receive. We’d like you to feel that you have received a high quality of treatment. Call 773-761-7442 today to learn more or schedule an appointment.