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Who Benefits From Dentures?

“Dentures are a last resort,” says Dr. Sawyer. When the patient has just a couple of teeth, or has many teeth that are broken down, fractured, decayed or loose. dentures are a great option. They can help you live a rewarding life, eat more easily, and enjoy your appearance.

We recommend implants for our patients who need dentures. This works to anchor the lower denture and keep it from moving and slipping – the major complaint of denture wearers.

Get An Immediate Denture

If you need dentures, we’ll make sure you walk out with teeth at every step of the process. Our process is to:

  • Make your denture first
  • Remove your bad teeth when your denture is ready
  • Place your denture immediately

We find that in end, people are happier with dentures than without them. If you think you are a candidate for dentures, call today for more information.