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Dental Implants

Thinking About Dental Implants?

You’ve probably heard about them in the media. Or perhaps you know someone with implants.

Dental implants are a great thing – and being able to offer them right here in the office is becoming the standard of care within general dentistry.

The long term results are better for patients with implants than with other options. Not only that, but with implants you can:

  • avoid seeing a dental surgeon
  • see reduced costs
  • do it all in one place

You’re probably a candidate for dental implants if you have:

  • missing teeth
  • cracked or chipped teeth
  • broken teeth
  • severely decayed teeth

Implants Bring Great Results

Implants replace your natural tooth with something that looks and functions like a natural tooth. We can replace just one or several teeth, and we can even clip a denture to two or more implants in order to prevent dentures from slipping and moving around.

Some of the positive changes people experience after having implants include:

  • knowing that they look better
  • teeth don’t have to be drilled or filed as heavily as with a bridge
  • surrounding teeth last longer because more natural tooth is retained
  • the implant itself lasts longer than a bridge

Simple and Painless

For an implant procedure, you’ll be given novocaine and shouldn’t feel anything. Although it may sound scary, placing an implant is a simple procedure and only requires a maximum of a couple days of healing time. In fact, implants are similar in invasiveness and recovery to what you experience with any regular dental procedure.

When implants can be placed immediately into the space where a tooth has been removed it can help eliminate the need to come to the office for multiple procedures and the need to visit multiple providers.

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